OSA 2021


Ladies and Gentlemen,

We are pleased to invite you to participate in

the LXVII Open Seminar on Acoustics

organized under the auspices of The Committe on Acoustics of The Polish Academy of Sciences by Polish Acoustical Society, Krakow Division

and supported by the International Commission for Acoustics

which will take place online from 14th to 17th September 2021.

Current information for conference participants in the programme and announcements section.

The annual Open Seminar on Acoustics is the largest conference in Poland gathering leading Polish acousticians for over sixty years. It is organized cyclically by subsequent divisions of the Polish Acoustic Society - in 2021 by the Krakow Division.

During the Conference, works from all fields of acoustics are presented. The aim of the conference is to exchange scientific experience in the field of acoustics, promote science and integrate specialists from various fields related to acoustics. The Conference plays an integrating role for the environment of Polish acousticians as well as more and more often guestes from abroad. This enables exchange of ideas, implementation of new research techniques and opens new application areas.

A special session will be organized to celebrate the International Year of Sound 2020 - 2021.

The XXIV Conference on Acoustic Engineering IAB 2021 and the 36th Symposium on Hydroacoustics will be held simultaneously with the LXVII OSA.

Every year, the IAB conference is an inspiration to exchange knowledge, take up new research challenges, broaden scientific horizons, establish cooperation and raise the level of innovation and applicability of research in the field of acoustic and biomedical engineering. The conference is accompanied by a competition for first and second cycle students. We encourage you to visit the website of IAB 2021 conference.

The Symposium on HYDROACOUSTICS (SHA) is the only conference in Poland where representatives of science dealing with issues of underwater acoustics and users of hydroacoustic systems meet. It has been organized regularly for over 30 years. The symposium is an opportunity to present the latest achievements in all major areas of hydroacoustics and to promote and integrate research in this field, especially in relation to the countries of the Baltic Sea region. We encourage you to visit the website of the Symposium on Hydroacoustics.

We are convinced that the LXVII Open Seminar on Acoustics will become an inspiration to exchange knowledge, take on new research challenges, broaden scientific horizons, establish cooperation and raise the level of innovation and applicability of conducted research.

We warmly invite you to join us for the Conference and we hope that the time spent together will be well used by you.

On behalf of the Organizing Committee OSA2021

Janusz Piechowicz

Chair of Organizing Committee




Conference is held under the honorary patronage of the Dean of the Department of Mechanical Engineering and Robotics of the AGH University of Science and Technology.

The Conference is an event of the International Year of Sound

International Year of Sound

Organizing committee

Chairman: Janusz PIECHOWICZ

Vice-chairman: Tadeusz WSZOŁEK

Secretary: Ireneusz CZAJKA

Treasurer: Bartłomiej STĘPIEŃ

Commissioner for the Marek Kwiek Competition: Tadeusz WSZOŁEK


  • Iwona KOCHAŃSKA – coordination of the Symposium on Hydroacoustics
  • Katarzyna SUDER-DĘBSKA
  • Adam PILCH
  • Bartłomiej CHOJNACKI
  • Michał KMIECIK
  • Paweł ŁOJEK
  • Teresa MAKUCH
  • Dawid ROMIK
  • Daniel TOKARCZYK

Scientific committee

Chair: Jerzy WICIAK

  • Wojciech BATKO
  • Adam BRAŃSKI
  • Zbigniew DĄBROWSKI
  • Andrzej DOBRUCKI
  • Marzena DZIDA
  • Barbara GAMBIN
  • Natalia GORSKA
  • Grażyna GRELOWSKA
  • Tadeusz GUDRA
  • Arkadiusz JÓZEFCZAK
  • Janusz KOMPAŁA
  • Eugeniusz KOZACZKA
  • Lucyna LENIOWSKA
  • Bogumił LINDE
  • Jacek MARSZAL
  • Mirosław MEISSNER
  • Andrzej MIŚKIEWICZ
  • Andrzej NOWICKI
  • Krzysztof OPIELIŃSKI
  • Łukasz PIECZONKA
  • Anna PREIS
  • Przemysław PLASKOTA
  • Dariusz PLEBAN
  • Tadeusz PUSTELNY
  • Wojciech RDZANEK
  • Roman SALAMON
  • Bartłomiej STĘPIEŃ
  • Antoni ŚLIWIŃSKI
  • Zbigniew WESOŁOWSKI
  • Stefan WEYNA
  • Franciszek WITOS
  • Tadeusz WSZOŁEK
  • Jan ŻERA

Important dates

Registration and Fees

Abstract submission: until June 18, 2021.

Registration of participants without papers: until start of Conference

Participation and publication fees: until June 30, 2021.


Sending full text of the article to the Journal of Vibrations in Physical Systems (VPS): until June 15, 2021 until May 30, 2021

Sending full text of the article to monograph Advances in Acoustics: until July 11, 2021 (until July 18,2021 in Polish) until June 18, 2021

Structural sections

  • Vibroacoustics
  • Building and architectural acoustics
  • Physical acoustics
  • Musical acoustics, speech acoustics and psychoacoustics
  • Vibroacoustic metrology and signal processing
  • Vibroacoustic diagnostics
  • Electroacoustics and room acoustics
  • Environmental acoustics and the fight against noise (Protection against noise - legal issues, Implementation of the Cnossos method in Poland)
  • Biomedical acoustics
  • Business presentation - producers of apparatus, materials, software and other technologies used in acoustics
  • Marek Kwiek Competition
  • Workshops: Cnossos method in modeling of environmental noise


Common noise assessment methods in Europe (CNOSSOS-EU)

Common Noise Assessment Methods in the EU (CNOSSOS-EU) contained in the Commission Directive (EU) 2015/996 of May 19, 2015.

The directive has been implementing in EU countries since January 1, 2019 and should be used in the development of Strategic Noise Maps for cities in 2022. However, in many EU countries, including Poland, it is still not fully implemented, although such a provision is visible in art. 112c of the Environmental Protection Law (consolidated text, Journal of Laws 2020, item 1219). Therefore, the opportunity to exchange thoughts on the implemented documents will undoubtedly be a great opportunity to discuss any ambiguities regarding the CNOSSOS-EU method algorithms and the accompanying uncertainty.

Program of workshops::

  1. Introduction of the CNOSSOS-EU method. General characteristics of changes in relation to the methods recommended in Directive 2002/49/WE.
  2. Application of the Monte Carlo method in the assessment of the modeling uncertainty of railway noise.
  3. Modeling of traffic noise - road, rail and air.
  4. Industrial noise modeling - verification of calculation models.

Workshops participation – extra € 15.

The workshops be conducted in Polish.


Due to epidemiological situation in Poland this year's edition of the LXVII Open Seminar on Acoustics takes place online.


Articles published in the Journal of Vibrations in Physical Systems (VPS)

Articles whose authors wish to publish in the VPS journal (ISSN 0860-6897) must be submitted in English.

Information on the rules of preparing materials is available at https://vibsys.put.poznan.pl/author-guideline/.

Number of pages: 6 or 8.

Deadline for submission: June 15, 2021 May 30, 2021

Articles published in the monograph Advances in Acoustics

Articles to be published in the monograph Advances in Acoustics should be sent as an editable file (doc, docx, odt, tex), with a pdf file showing the correct formatting.

All drawings should be submitted as separate files in good quality, preferably vector format (for raster files minimum resolution is 300 dpi); descriptions in the drawings should be in the language of the entire article.

Minimum number of pages: 8.

Deadline for submission: July 11, 2021 (until July 18,2021 in Polish) June 18, 2021

The papers recommended by the LXVII OSA Scientific Committee can be published in the journal Archives of Acoustics.


Before registering for the conference, please read rules for the processing of personal data

Registration of participants and sending of abstracts and publications takes place via the system Microsoft CMT.
In order to register, you need to set up a free account; if you have used the system before, you can use the already created account.


All participants (both listeners and authors) are asked to fill in the form of Participant registration (Rejestracja uczestnika), without providing information about the paper - this is the registration form as a conference participant. The form can be selected after clicking Create new submission. Please submit your papers using the appropriate form, depending on whether your speech will be part of the Open Seminar on Acoustics (OSA 2021) or the accompanying Conference on Acoustic and Biomedical Engineering (IAB 2021) or Symposium on Hydroacoustics (SHA 2021).

In the Title field, please enter - depending on the form of participation – [autor] first name, last name (for author) or [sluchacz] first name and last name (for listener) (e.g. [sluchacz] John Due).

Please send abstract in Polish and English.

You will receive confirmation of your registration within one week. If this did not happen, please contact the organizers at osa (at) ptakrakow.pl

Conference fee

Members of PTA – € 45

Remaining participants – € 50

Publication of an article in the Journal of Vibrations in Physical Systems (ISSN 0860-6897) – € 140

Workshops participation – extra € 15

Payment details:

Polskie Towarzystwo Akustyczne Oddział w Krakowie

al. Mickiewicza 30, 30–059 Kraków

IBAN: PL83 1020 2892 0000 5102 0189 2546 (PKO Bank Polski S.A.)


Payment deadline: June 30, 2021 (not applicable to VPS publication fees paid after approval for publication).

After this date fees increase € 15.

Please type: OSA2021 – participant's first and last name in title of remittance.


Marek Kwiek Competition

The Marek Kwiek Competition was established in 1973 by the Polish Acoustic Society to commemorate the tragically deceased outstanding Polish acoustician. The competition is addressed to PTA members who are not independent researchers, whose papers will be published in the materials for the Seminar. The competition aims to promote young acousticians.

The Marek Kwiek Competition regulations

Władysław Bogusz Student Competition

The competition is open to first and second cycle students who take up the subject of acoustic and biomedical engineering.

Follow the information on the IAB2021 website, if you are interested in participating in the competition.


Polish Acoustical Society

Krakow Division

al. Mickiewicza 30

30-059 Kraków

Tel. 501013478

e-mail: osa2021 (at) ptakrakow.pl

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